Tour Packages

After those many trips criss crossing the Globe on business and personal travels, finally you have thought of that long awaited family trip with your loved ones. for this very special occasion, there is no better destination than sunny Sri Lanka. We are so compact yet so diverse that you can experience all what you have been dreaming of. Our island is surrounded by golden beaches/some of them considered best in the world. Listen to the surf with the rhythmic roll of the waves in your beach hut enjoying the sun and sand. Engage in swimming, skiing, whale watching and an other type of sea sport you fancy, enjoying the array of exotic sea food dished up bytes by experienced chefs. They say there’s no better spot than the “whisky point” – arugam bay for skiing in the world. Why not try it out with your loved ones on your vacation.

There are many individuals who are arriving the country on personnel tours. It may be education, research, looking for lost truths, culture, religion, study of wild life and fauna or inter-cultural exchange. Personnel to assist such travellers could be arranged to make their visit a success. There are many institutions in the island that are ever ready to absorb them for their study purposes.